Sunday, 30 January 2011


Very British. Very northen. Very nice

Quatre livres

All the way from France itself. My quest to learn to speak and read French. Wish me luck.

Diary or Note Book?

This was probably the most difficult decision of my week. Both equally as amazing cover designs so that didn't help. I went with the note book..
Fab promo for the website :

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Big Boy

This is the day that Archie became a real boy and went to work for the first time. This is him sitting on the bed whilst waiting for his assessment. Archie is hopefully becoming a PAT dog and needed a vet to asses him as part of the enrolment. Fingers crossed he passes. :)You will no if he passes, i will be posting endless pictures of him in his little yellow coat . Despite what the picture looks like, he does have eyes and actually features and he isn’t just 1 big blob.


Shopping, one of my worst things to do ever. Since people have started coming up to me in the street asking for a big issue I realised it was probably time to part with my hard earned cash and spend spend spend. So i did and brought quite a few items. Mainly tops, with the few scarves and the odd piece of jewellery. These are my bags of proof of purchase. ( not like the exciting empty bags you see on soaps that people carry when they have been on a mega shopping trip) Mine are real :)

the envelopes of hell

I never want to see another envelope or leaflet in my life. I had enough fun for one day. I managed to stuff over 500 therefore i can now say i have done my bit for stuffing envelopes. Somebody can take over from me next time. Just thank god somebody invented adhesive envelopes

Tim Minchin.

Today i was introduced to the man that is Tim Minchin. Not a fan at first glance but i thought it was only right i give the poor aussie a try. So i did, and how i regretted it. Tim your not the man for me unfortunately, however i must give you credit where its needed and say i was incredibly impressed by your pianistic skills. The compliments must stop there...

nom nom chilli

My bf makes me nice tea

Saturday, 22 January 2011


Anyone would think i work with animals...

Peter Rabbit

A lovely little bunny from work. Due to his marking probably a hybrid. A very lovely chappy

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Mooby Mooby Mooby

Today (and probably the only time in a long while) i have had more than 1 photo that i can upload. It was a hard decision and even still whilst writing this i am yet to choose the photo to feature. Both of my 2 extravagant pictures are very different, one of sheer beauty (and a little bit of illegalness) and the other, as the lyrically genius’s of M people would say, “ a sight for sore eyes.” A sight that i can honestly say not many people have witnessed. I realised in posting the first picture i mentioned, i could be fined and receive points on my licence, i think I’ll go with the safe option. (however i bet now you are all wondering what the hell the other picture was.. don’t you just hate it when that happens?)

This is Moobs. Hogs come into the centre in late November that are underweight . They need to reach their target weight before they can be released. This little chappy, we hoped he would hibernate over winter, he didn’t and has got to used to home comforts. Daily evening meals, spring cleans of his humble abode, top notch health care. The sooner the weather picks up, this little moobster wont no what’s hit him. Out into the beautiful English countryside where he belongs.

The Beast is nearly complete

Monday, 17 January 2011

Sweety Mr. Simms

Today i ventured into Mr. Simms sweet shop. Unfortunately i didn’t see the man himself to congratulate him on the success of his sweet shop chain but non the less i did purchase some of his fantastic sweets that were on offer. Also i should take the time to (if he is reading this) say, i love the mix of sweets and 1900’s sweet shop style, not only a tasty treat of sweets but also a subliminal history lesson at the same time. Sweets are really the only things that can get inspiration from anything. Where in the world would it be acceptable to let your children eat worms, strange coloured mushrooms and brains and not think twice about it. ( i’m sure you would find this sort of practice normal in a few select countries) Sweets you are grand. Mr Simms i take my hat off to you.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Latch hook dog

I wonder what half a dog would look like, made entirely from little pieces of wool.. Only i can give you the answer to that..

I fell in to a burning "Ring of fire"

A fun alcohol involved game. Such fun we played for 10 minutes, realised within 5 all the activities would involve shotting vodka or tequila due to the lack of lemonade. Gave up, played wii party. Hard core drinkers.

Saturday, 15 January 2011


Where in the world would it be feasible for a dog, top hat and a canon to buy London property, making thousands. Monopoly of course. A classic worldwide boardgame. ( One i can say i have never won) Highly entertaining

Meet Kiwi

As part of my job occasionally we do take in domestic birds. This is Kiwi, he was found in an alley way. He plucked most of his feathers out from him self.I think i caught him on 1 of his bad sides. He looks rather annoyed.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Chicken Feet

How many people can say they find this in their works kitchen every morning? I do. Their babies’ feet, in case you’re wondering. 1 day old baby chicken feet. And yes you would be right in thinking that the stuff that has laced the scissor blades is chick guts. 1 day old baby chicken guts :) I love my job.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

One Muddy Pup

A nice walk, a nice muddy puppy.

Monday, 10 January 2011

10.01.11 Balls

When i agreed (with myself) that this would be a good idea to take daily pictures i thought, how hard can this be? I have plenty of opportunities within a singular day to take lots of attention-grabbing pictures. A week today i started this, looking back i have taken pictures of rather boring household objects (apart from the cooling towers and the swan these, were just figments of my imagination. )I probably should get out more. Today’s picture isn’t much better. I have spent 11 hours sitting at a desk so it’s only right for it to be desk related. The only thing i feel that i should expose to you today are my balls. It just so happens that one is bigger than the other, quite a considerable amount in fact. Only kidding, these are in fact the rather impressive balls of a colleague of mine. What’s the point of having balls if you can’t share them with the world? Rather impressive for a humble rubber ball i think you will agree.

Sunday, 9 January 2011


A beautiful Sunday morning requires a nice walk with the dogs. A nice view taken at Biddulph Grange Country park.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

5th Day, Dont Judge a book by its smell.

I was indeed quite looking forward to this day, or at least this picture. I had hoped to re create the twinnings advert with my 4 potentially fantastic tasting teas. Adding the water to the 4 lifeless bags, they became something else. The fusion of the Hydrogen and the 2 oxygen mixed with the small innocent tea bags they came to life. The rich fruity flavours took me back to my childhood drinking hot Ribena on a cold winters night. The flavoursome cordial mixed with the hot water made me all warm inside and certainly very refreshing. My memories couldn't have been more far away from reality if they had tried. In the few short seconds of smelling the wonderful fruity tea to bringing the cup to my mouth there was a catalogue of changes that took place. Upon bringing the liquid to my lips it was almost as if the wonderful scent dashed into my mouth destroying all taste buds insight. How this tea sells i have no idea.. Dont judge a book by its smell.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Day 4, 7.1.11

As most of my day involved working with the British wildlife i thought that it would be most suitable for my picture to contain what is most frequently in my life, animals. I tired photographing the cute hedgehogs but on this occasion most un photogenic and not even willing to smile. I even felt i might have to resort to my 2 mega pixel camera at one point at it was nearly the end of my shift and all i had taken a picture of was an unhappy looking hedgehog and a tray of frozen chicks. Just in the nick of time i was called over by a lovely gentlemen who said considering my situation on this occasion i could take his picture. If it wasn't for him i would be posting a tray of dead frozen babies (effectively). Sir, i salute you.

6.1.11 - The cooling Towers of Nottingham

This was the day for traveling. I probably should have taken the picture of the mobile i spend what felt like most of my life in, in fact it was only a small proportion of the day (6 hours 40minutes to be exact. I found my self travelling over 7 counties this day, ( i was quite the explorer) with the company of a wet fishy smelling beast and that was just the driver! Of course not, a beast cannot drive, everyone knows these types of beasts are without hands and would just find it near enough impossible to grip the steering wheel, unless they used there mouth, but on this occasion the beast also had no mouth. Anyway.. We travelled from Cheshire to the mighty county Norfolk to deliver two seals, (grey and common) to 1 of the 4 wildlife centres, West Hatch. Here they would be rehabilitated until were old enough to be realised. Upon passing by Nottingham, ( getting back to the picture) i came across the extravagant cooling towers. Though very big and unflattering to the beautiful Nottingham countryside, the sheer size and the hidden beauty drew me in. Forget the picture of cute baby seal, behold the cooling towers of Nottingham.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

And only on day two...

I hate to say i told myself, but i find myself in the situation of wondering “ what the hell do i take a picture of” I had many an opportunity at work however as the only camera i had on me was a 2megapixel, i thought taking anything descent would just show up as an insult on this terrible excuse of a camera. Therefore i resorted to taking a picture of a dirty tea mug. I was that desperate i can’t even claim that the tea mug is mine however i do enjoy tea and the dirty bit, well I’m not to bothered about that. I have drank a few brews today at work so i guess its not totally random. It also links in nicely as i took the picture from my reception job thus can now tie adequately with both of my Wednesday jobs. Despite the stains not a bad little mug. ( i say after never drinking a single drop from it).. Pleasant on the eye

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Day 1 of many..

And so the journey begins, my marathon " lets take a picture every day for a year " and a marathon it will be.
Only taking my first photo today i have lots of ideas to make my blog interesting with my fantastic pictures of my travels. However come next week i imagine to be posting a picture of a pen that i used in my day because i have run out of ideas. Lets keep optimistic...
I started my mammoth task on the 4th of the first month into 2011. 3 days behind when i probably should have started it, but beggars cant be choosers...
I had no problems in thinking of what to take a picture of... This picture sums up my day. It tastes what only i can compare it to as 1000 "fisherman's friends" crushed and made into a brown treacle like pulp. Bloody, full of bones with the hint of mackerel, oh waits, I'm getting mixed up with friends of fishermen and the actually sweets ... But hell it works, i always feel like i should say the name "Corvonia cough medicine with clout!" like the man on the advert every time i have it but that could get old as i have already had it 4 times today.